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Your Acceptance

These terms and conditions serve as an agreement between the owner and user of the service. By using the service, you acknowledge that you agree to these terms and conditions, Privacy policy and Disclaimer incorporated therein.

We reserve the right to update the terms and conditions at any time. Users will be intimated about the new version of terms and conditions, which shall take effect immediately. You must agree to the terms and conditions in order to access the service.

Terms and Conditions


    The product (game) is in R&D (Research & Development) phase, therefore it may contain bugs or glitches. The graphic content can be of low quality or you may experience some interruptions while playing the game as the game is still in the development phase. We are not liable for the performance of the software. It is request that the users do not interfere with working (coding, backhand programing) of the game.


    Access to the game requires user to sign up first. Upon signing up users will get an automatically generated User ID and password. The account will be verified by entering the given details.

    3.User Licenses

    After a User Account has been created User must have a license in order to access the game. License can be acquired over the payment of due amount. The authority to issue/revoke User License rests with WonderTree only. Licenses are nontransferable and the amount paid is non-refundable. Revocation of License is provided in case of a technical error.

    4.Intellectual Property Rights

    The design of our games along with its created text, graphic content, interactive features and the like, service marks and logos contained therein are owned by Wonder Tree and Third parties. The service is provided for therapy purposes and by agreeing to the terms and conditions user cannot engage in copying or distributing the service for commercial purposes.

    5.Accuracy of Information

    The system ensures the information pertaining to data records is accurate but advice based on its reliance should be made with great care. We accept no liability for any loss or damage caused by the reliance placed on such information.

    6.Ability to Accept Terms and Conditions

    You affirm that you are either parent or guardian, or trained Teacher, practising Therapist or Psychologist in order to be eligible for accepting the terms, conditions and Disclaimer set forth and to abide by them.

    7.Age Restriction

    All games are designed for kids above 7. These games can be played for rehab as well. The teacher, caretaker or therapist may better advice about the effectiveness and suggest games as per the child need.


    You agree that you will assure all necessary measures to protect the log in details and not share it with anyone

    9.User conduct and code

    You must ensure that the information provided for log in is complete, accurate and true. Information and data tracked in the cloud is a combined property of the user and Wonder tree. We do not provide security cover for any loss or damage incurred by the breach of terms and conditions whether intentional or accidental. You must not try to hamper, hack or attempt to circumvent security which might lead to corruption of your system. Technical failures of the games which are beyond reasonable control.


Wonder tree shall not be liable for the services provided by the third party (i.e. Teacher or Therapist). Hereby, you accept to waive the burden of liability against Wonder Tree for any such action, whether negligible or intentional, by any third party. Wonder tree cannot be held liable for any injury or loss incurred while playing the game. This also covers the loss or damage of oneself and personal belongings of the client.

What does this Privacy Policy Covers?

This Privacy Policy is a part of Wonder Tree Terms and conditions and covers the treatment of user information, including Personal Identification information and access and data information. The data monitored and gathered includes pictures during gameplay to assess performance. By agreeing to the terms and condition you acknowledge the fact and grant permission to take and use these pictures for assessment and research purposes.

Complaints and Dispute Resolution

Most queries and concerns can be addressed quickly by contacting us at hello@wondertree.co .
In an unlikely event that we cannot cater to your queries or you face any material or personal damage these terms and conditions shall be governing.

Question about these terms

If you have any reservations or questions for our terms and conditions you may email us at hello@wondertree.co .
These terms were last updated on 24 November 2016.